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PsyAsia International is excited to offer the world’s first Psychometrics MOOC. This is a free professional training course in Psychometric Testing at Work facilitated by an award-winning Psychologist.

Summary Syllabus

Topics covered in our Psychometrics MOOC include: 

• Introduction to Psychometric Testing

Job Analysis and Competency Frameworks

• Psychometric test reliability

• Psychometric test error & confidence

• Validity of Psychometric Tests

• Choosing the Right Test – Understanding the Test Manual

• Psychometric Test Administration

• Scoring Psychometric Tests

• Interpreting Psychometric Test Results

• Psychometric Test Feedback to Candidates

• Psychometric Test Feedback to Decision-makers

• Ethical Issues in Psychometric Testing at Work

The term “Psychometric Test” refers to multiple types of psychometric tools including aptitude tests, ability tests and personality assessments.


To register for the Psychometrics MOOC, please go here and pan to the bottom of the page. On the same page, you will find full details of our syllabus, facilitator and terms and conditions.