BPS Level 2 Ability Test User Course

For full details of the course and the certificate from the British Psychological Society, please see our main BPS Level 2 Ability Test User Online Training page.

Our online BPS Level 2 Ability Test User Course provides students with in-depth understanding in the use of psychometric ability tests in the workplace. It builds competence in the practical application of psychometric tests and ensure ethical and best practice use of these tools in HR decision-making and consulting. Successful completion of this course and the course assessments makes students eligible for the BPS Level 2 Ability Test User Qualification. Prior to starting this course, students must have passed BPS Level 1 Assistant Test User. However, it is possible to register for all 3 Levels of our BPS Certifications in Psychometrics at the same time and receive a generous combined course discount.

Topics covered


Theories of Intelligence

Roots of Intelligence: Nature or Nurture

Two Factor Model – a Compromise

New Directions for Intelligence


Distribution Statistics

‘Normal’ Distribution

Central Tendency

Skew – ‘When Data is Distorted’

Spread of Scores & Standard Deviation

Different Scales

Composition of Norm Groups

Sample Statistics: Standard Error of the Mean

Gender & Ethnicity


Classical Test Theory

Correlational Statistics

Significance Levels

Systematic Error

Standard Error of Measurement

Item Response Theory


Types of Validity

Bias in Validity

Restriction of Range

Criterion Problem

Criterion Contamination

Validity Generalization

Statistical Analysis versus Pragmatic Value

Chance Relationships


Feedback & Report-writing for Aptitude Tests

Enrollment period* (i.e., deadline to complete all learning and assigments)
-90 days

Access period (i.e., amount of time you will have access to the course)
-1 year

-following completion of all course requirements, students receive an invoice from the British Psychological Society and following payment will appear on the BPS Register and receive soft-copy certification from the BPS.

PsyGOLD Membership
-all graduates receive complimentary PsyGOLD membership for 6 months after completing the course. This enables you to return to ask any questions you may have and to interact with our other students and members.