Apollo Profile Basic Competency Course

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Our Apollo Profile Basic Competency Course enables those new to the Apollo Profile Personality Assessment to qualify themselves to use Apollo's pre-interpreted reports within less than 2 hours!

Topics covered

Introduction to Apollo
Why assess personality for work?
Before using Apollo
 Basics of reliability & validity
Apollo reports
Dangers of misinterpretation

How this program works
You enrol and pay the fee for the course. You have 30-days access to complete the course (although it usually takes less than 2 hours!). Once you have completed the course, you need to take and pass the online quiz. Thereafter, you may purchase Apollo pre-interpreted reports from us to use in recruitment/selection, development and coaching.

Estimated time to complete
-2 hours

Enrolment period (i.e., deadline to complete all learning and assigments)
-30 days

Access period (i.e., amount of time you will have access to the course)
-6 months

-pdf certificate will be emailed to all who pass course requirements

PsyGOLD Membership
-all graduates receive complimentary PsyGOLD membership for 6 months after completing the course. This enables you to return to ask any questions you may have and to interact with our other students and members.